Installing Laravel 5 on Ubuntu 15.04

On a fresh install of Ubuntu 15.04, and after doing a
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Install VirtualBox and Vagrant:
sudo apt-get install virtualbox
sudo apt-get install vagrant

Install the homestead box:
vagrant box add laravel/homestead
(option 1, virtualbox)

Install git:
sudo apt-get install git

Get Homestead:
git clone Homestead

Go into the Homestead directory and create the Homestead configuration file:
cd Homestead

Go to this directory
cd ~/.homestead
Where you find the homestead.yaml configuration file.

Create a key
ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "you@homestead"
enter 3 times (keep default location)

Change the key location in the homestead.yaml file in the authorize section (/home/xxx/.ssh/ + the keys section (/home/xxx/.ssh/id_rsa)

Create Code folder in your home folder /home/xxx:
cd ~
mkdir Code

Go into the Homestead directory in your home folder:
cd ~/Homestead

vagrant up

Change hosts so you can surf to your Homestead box:
sudo nano /etc/hosts

Add the line

Go into the vagrant box
vagrant ssh
cd into the Code directory
cd Code

And download laravel in the default folder:
composer create-project laravel/laravel Laravel --prefer-dist

Now you can surf to and it should show you 'Laravel 5'.

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