CoolTools series

In this series of articles, I will provide a walk-through on how to enrich your work environment with some shiny 21st century software. Whether you're a small or even a bigger enterprise, stuff like this will enable your employees/coworkers to perform better, smarter, more efficiently.

And, because CoolTools is aimed at companies, all the software mentioned is free for commercial use. That's right: it literally won't cost you a penny in licenses. All you need is a computer plugged into your network: an old spare one if you have it, or if you don't have one to spare, a computer in use will work as well (provided it's not too old).
Apprehensive? Not wanting to mess up settings and doing a lot of installation work on one of your existing, working computers? No worries. We'll install everything we need inside of a virtual machine, so there's only one thing you need to install on your existing computer: the virtual machine player. Everything else is inside of the virtual machine, and if something gets messed up, you just delete it and start over. Hassle free!

Ready to get started? Check the rest of the series!

Getting started with the Virtual Machine -->

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